Model Obsessed With Marilyn Monroe Lives In Her House And Dresses As Her Every Day

Bit weird.

A Marilyn Monroe lookalike who I think it’s safe to say is obsessed with the Hollywood legend has moved into the actress’s former home and has been sharing video tours of the Hollywood Hills mansion on social media.

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Jasmine Chiswell, 25, from Lanarkshire, Scotland, reckons she’s a dead ringer for the Some Like It Hot star and to be fair, she’s put a lot of effort into looking like her. Looking like Marilyn Monroe wasn’t quite enough though, so Jasmine is now also living in the mansion Marilyn shared with Joe DiMaggio in the 1950s.

Bit weird for sure, but she’s not hurting anyone I suppose. In fact, quite the opposite:

What I’m wondering is how Jasmine managed to afford a house of that value? The story on her at MailOnline doesn’t say, except that she’s married and pursuing acting jobs in LA.

Like I said, the whole thing is a tad bit creepy but you can’t fault the determination this girl has to basically live life as Marilyn Monroe. Know yourself out, that’s what I say. What I would really like to happen now is for Marilyn Monroe’s mansion to be haunted by Marilyn herself. Come to think of it, Jasmine’s probably hoping for that too.

Here’s the real Marilyn for comparison’s sake:

For the man who’s spent thousands also trying to look like Marilyn Monroe, click HERE. Not quite on Jasmine’s level in that regard.


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