Corrupt Police Officers Named And Shamed After Exploiting 19-Year-Old Prostitute For Sex

Jasmine Abuslin

“They took advantage of a vulnerable young person.”

A former prostitute who was awarded almost £800,000 in May after claiming she was “sexually victimised and exploited” by police in California is now going suing another police department.

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Jasmine Abuslin, 19, has claimed that she was an “exclusively department-retained sex worker” at the Richmond Police Department. She is now hitting out against the department following her win in a similar lawsuit against Oakland police.

Jasmine says she was available to the Richmond officers for “sexual favours and pleasure in exchange for paid monies, protection, or other forms of consideration.” She said that the department was aware of what was happening, but did not investigate or discipline the officers involved.

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11 officers have been named and shamed in the lawsuit, with one officer set for termination, two for suspension and five receiving letters of reprimand. Abuslin, who no longer works as a prostitute, is suing three officers for supervisory liability, while accusing five others of sexual exploitation – similar accusations to the ones made against cops in Oakland, where she won the £800,000 payout. Her lawyer said:

This is terribly outrageous.

They took advantage of a vulnerable young person.

Girls like this are always suffering from some psychological deficit of some kind. Instead of acknowledging that and getting her help, they took advantage of her vulnerabilities. That’s the most negative and damning aspect of this.

During the last court case, it emerged that cops had taken advantage of Abuslin, in some instances paying her Cheetos crisps in exchange for sexual favours. The 19-year-old decided to share her story following the suicide of one of the officers involved in the scandal.

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Clearly the story does not end there and no doubt further sordid details will emerge regarding the police officers over in the Richmond department as the case continues. I bet those Richmond officers are absolutely bricking it, and so they should be.

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