Jarne Verbruggen’s New Skate Video Is Hands Down One Of The Best Of The Year

Jarne Vergbruggen

More bangers than a firework shop.

New skateboarders and skate vids come out all the time and we often say that it’s the part of the year at the time, but I don’t think anyone is gonna top this new edit from Belgian skateboarder Jarne Verbruggen.

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Verbruggen absolutely smashes it in this video with some of the sickest tricks you’ll ever see and a pair of balls to match. Wall rides, board kickflips from 3, hill bombs and pretty much everything you could ask for from a skate video in 2016. Some of the air time he gets on some of his jumps is absolutely incredible:

Seriously impressive stuff – although not really sure what all that stuff at the start where he turns into a chav is all about? Just stick to the tricks dude – he’s going to be a big name if he keeps posting out stuff like this all the time.

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