People Are Paying A Japanese Company To Take Their Teddy Bears On Holiday

Hello Kitty doll

Some people really do have more money than sense.

If you ever think of a completely niche business idea but you fear it won’t succeed over here, take it to Japan because chances are you will find a market. Honestly, there are some totally cray companies over there — like this service where women can hire handsome men to wipe away their tears at work.

And now it seems that busy business men and women who can’t find the time to take their stuffed toys or dolls on holiday (don’t you hate it when that happens) can now pay Unagi Travel to take the matter out of their hands.

The owner of the Tokyo-based company, Sonoe Azuma, takes the toys on famous sightseeing trips around the city before sending videos and photos of the trip to the owner. She said:

I wanted to provide holidays for people who cannot physically travel themselves, because they are hospitalised, they are too busy or don’t have enough money for a trip.

Around 90 percent of my clients are Japanese, but I’m getting more interest from overseas as well.

In case you were wondering, a day trip for your favourite cuddly friend will cost you around £25 although she does do high end Hawaii trips for £300.

Check it out:

It’s kind of cute and amusing but still seems a bit mad to spend money on that, especially if you were only doing it for the benefit of your teddy bear.

Good on Sonoe though — getting paid to knock about in cool cities all day with a bunch of toys is nearly as easy as getting paid to queue in line at Apple Store.


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