Japan Are Now Serving Drinks From A Sex Doll’s Rubber Boobs

Japan Sex Doll Drink

It satisfies two basic human needs – hydration and boobs.

So Japan is pretty much number one when it comes to novel uses of technology. The country that has previously given us the banana holder, a pillow shaped like a pair of thighs, and the Selfie Stick (cheers guys) has truly outdone itself with its latest effort.

Japan’s latest product is one that satisfies two basic human needs — hydration and boobs:

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That’s right — you can now have your drink poured from a realistic rubber tit. Notice how I said tit, not tits. That’s because only the left boob acts as a drink dispenser — you’ll have to give the right boob a good squeeze though if you want your booze.

The ‘dispenser’ (because calling it a ‘titty juice machine’ probably isn’t considered professional) costs a whopping $5000 — so best to start saving now I guess.

In theory this sounds awesome, but after watching the video I can’t help but feel really, really uncomfortable. It’s only a matter of time before someone shouts ‘sexism’ too, right? In that case I propose we start pulling pints with rubber cocks — you listening, Japan?

Things could be so much worse though — nobody would want to drink anything that came out of this sex doll.


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