Japan Is Set To Make A Real Life ‘Jurassic Park’ Island


This looks incredible.

If you grew up in the 90s then you’ll probably agree that ‘Jurassic Park’ was one of the top ten movies to have come out from that decade (I say top ten because it’s got a lot to compete with).

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That’s why I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. Japan has decided to finally replicate Jurassic Park’s island using robotic dinosaurs. Described as “half visual spectacle and half wacky performance piece,” Dino-a-Live will offer visitors the next best thing to real dinosaurs.

The idea came from Japanese entrepreneur Kazuya Janemaru, who impressed investors at last week’s Tokyo industry expo by introducing a robotic tyrannosaurus rex which pretended to eat one of the on-stage actors. Here’s what the demonstration looked like:

That looks incredible. Japan is already an amazing country to visit as it is – but with a real-life ‘Jurassic Park’ it’s going to be the best country on earth. I think I know where I’m holidaying next year.

To watch ‘Jurassic Park’ remade as a nature documentary, click HERE.


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