Here’s What Really Goes Down In The $50 Billion Japanese Sex Hotel Industry

Japanese Sex Hotel

‘Love hotels’ offer short stays and some off the wall rooms and are absolutely massive in Japan.

Over in Japan, the ‘Love Hotels’ began in Osaka in the late 1960s, but have now developed into one of the country’s biggest industries, earning an estimated $50 billion a year.

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The idea is that young lovers or parents or people having an affair (most likely) can get away for a couple of hours to do their business in relative peace and quiet. The hotels offer short stays and many make the experience even more memorable by offering a whole bunch of different themed rooms.

‘Abroad In Japan’ headed to the Hotel in Sendai for a behind the scenes look at what really goes on in these establishments. It’s definitely weirder than you would expect it to be:

Nice of them to provide the condoms and the massage lotion eh, but where’s the lube? Bit sneaky with those low food and drink prices eh, but I suppose you can’t blame them really can you – everyone’s gotta make a buck.

Aside from that though the whole concept is great and the rooms look awesome too. I think my favourite one was the one with the weird hiding hole where you could perv on the girl in the shower. Totally normal behaviour. Kinda makes you wonder why this isn’t an industry in the UK – would make having an affair so much easier, right?

For more crazy hotel sex, here’s a couple having wild sex in a hotel room but unfortunately forgetting to close the curtains.


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