Janet Jackson Swindled Her Husband Out Of $500 Million In Absolutely Savage Fashion


When Janet Jackson got married to business magnate Wissam Al Mana in 2012, the prenuptial agreement guaranteed her $500 million if she stayed with him for 5 years.

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Well guess what? She has now filed for divorced at 5 years, 2 months.

Even for a billionaire, $500 million seems like a ridiculous amount of cash for just five years of marriage. That’s HALF A BILLION dollars. Was he actually so sure that she would stick by him that he agreed to such an astronomical number?

Even with the 5 years approaching, Wissam must’ve felt things were all good, especially since Janet gave birth to their son on January 3 this year. But nope – pretty much as soon as the 5 years were up, she filed for divorce.

It’s even crazier when you consider Janet isn’t short of a few quid in the first place – she’s worth $150 million.


Can’t really blame Janet for this one though. After all, it was Wissam who signed the agreement like an absolute lemon. I mean it sounds like this prenup had literally no upside for him, it only guaranteed that Janet would bank half a million if she left him after 5 years. No-brainer as far as she’s concerned.

Still, that’s nothing compared to oil mogul Harold Hamm – he had to pay his wife a BILLION dollars in their divorce settlement.


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