Jan Terri – Worst/ Best Singer Ever

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It’s not easy to give me a fully genuine, eyes closed, belly laugh anymore. I’m too jaded. But these vids creased me up hard.

Jan Terri Amazing Image Crop

If you’ve never heard of Jan Terri before then you’ve had a small but important part of your brain missing until now. She was born in Chigao in the 50’s and she is a bloody terrible singer. Also, she looks awful, that last point, however, makes her more likeable in my estimations. There’s too many attractive musicians nowadays. Most people think you shouldn’t be abe to sing at all unless you are super hot. And that is bollox, we all remember Susan Boyle right? The only problem is Jan can’t really sing either. She accidently achieved a bit of a cult status in the late 80’s and has sung at a private party for Marilyn Manson and been on the Daily Show. Her Wikipedia page said that she used to be married to Jimmy Savile but that’s been removed now which is a shame, that would have made for some interesting music videos. That’s enough from me, sit back and get your giggle on for the person who looks most like Miss Piggy since Miss Piggy herself.

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I can sense that even as the last notes of the song are fading, you are desperate for more Terri loving, well worry no more. Here is one of her most “popular” videos for a track called “Get Down Goblin”. This sexy/ spooky little number pulls together the special effects of Spielberg and the melodic genius of Mariah Carey. Enduring and enchanting. You are lucky she took the time to make this for us.

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Aren’t people awesome hey?

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!!! Here’s some more, this is a Christmasy one for you. I can feel the sleigh bells melt as Gnasher and Schnitzel or whatever they are called, plummet from the skies. Shot down by the bum notes excreted kicking and screaming from her larynx:

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