Some Finnish Dude Scored A Rabona Penalty

Rabona Penalty

Rabona goals are dope but I haven’t ever seen anyone have the balls to step up and take a rabona penalty ever. This Finnish dude did though and absolutely nailed it.

Rabona Penalty

I used to have a real boner for rabona goals up right here on Sick Chirpse but it’s been a while since I have posted anything about them. Don’t really know why, maybe because they’re not happening as much as they used to or maybe just because they’re not as popularised as they used to be. There was this complete and utter sickhead called Matthis Urbano though who scored like two rabona goals in a week a year or so ago that I always remember, there’s a link at the bottom of this article in case you want to check that out. Oh yeah, if you don’t know what a rabona goal is it’s where you put your standing leg next to the ball and then wrap your other leg behind it and hit the ball with that one. It’s really hard to do but looks completely sick.

Anyway, I have never ever seen anyone score a rabona penalty before so I definitely thought that this video was worth showing, even if it was from the Finnish third division and a pre-season friendly, and also looks as though the game is being played in one of the weirdest venues ever – it kinda looks like a warehouse or a gym or something? Really weird. So yeah, over the weekend there was a friendly between Ilives and FC Hämeenlinnaa from the Finnish third division over the weekend and it ended 1-1 and for some reason it was decided that it went to penalties. Probably because it was taking place in a gym and this was the kind of end to a game that you might decide upon when you were playing at school when you were 10 and really wanted there to be a winner.

This dude called Jan Kulokorpi stepped up for Ilives and banged a rabona penalty into the back of the net. Sickhead. FYI it isn’t Jan Kulokorpi in the top picture but there weren’t any decent pictures of him so I just got a generic one of some guy doing a rabona. I think he plays for River Plate if you care but I’m not sure who it is.  Check out the video below and if you’ve seen any other rabona penalties let us know:

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