Jamie Carragher Just Posted An Excruciatingly Embarrassing Photo Of Gary Neville

Gary and Jamie

Happy Birthday mate.

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher don’t seem to get on that well in real life – probably because of their respective one club careers – but they seem to tolerate each other just about and get the banter going regularly on Monday night football.

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Their relationship is perfectly summed up by this post that Carragher put up on his Twitter account yesterday to celebrate his colleague’s birthday. He must have spent ages searching around on the internet to find the most embarrassing picture of Neville he could find and it was all totally worth it for the photograph below, which shows Gary and his brother Phil sucking on lollipops like a couple of idiots:

Lol. What were the pair of them even thinking by taking that photograph? They look like a bad 90s boy band or something, especially with that Lacoste label so prominent in the picture. Absolutely horrific, and I’m sure not something that Gary Neville ever wanted to let see the light of day again. Honestly I can’t stop looking at it. They must have had a weird upbringing.

For more Gary Neville, check out that orgasm noise he made after Fernando Torres scored against Barcelona back in 2012. Never gets old.


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