Gary Neville Has An Orgasm As Fernando Torres Scores Against Barcelona

Gary Neville blows it as Fernando Torres scores against Barcelona – Everyone probably heard this earlier but why not relive it? It was that funny.

Everyone probably heard Gary Neville’s orgasm earlier as Fernando Torres scored against Barcelona in the last minute tonight but it was that fvcking funny I figured I’d do a post about it for everyone that was maybe watching it in the bar or with the sound down or maybe, just maybe wasn’t watching one of the most incredible Champion’s League games I’ve ever seen. What the hell else would you be doing on a night like this? I mean all ‘real football fans‘ would be watching it and supporting Chelsea right, because that’s what ‘real football fans‘ do, right? I’m not gonna lie, I was doing it, although I’m not sure if I qualify as a ‘real football fan‘ or not? You tell me Sick Chirpsers.

Anyway, Jamie Redknapp described it as ‘The greatest Champion’s League matches ever’ and for once I might be inclined to ‘inexplicably’ agree with him. It had it all –  a red card, a penalty, a penalty miss, hitting the post, a couple of great goals, an AMAZING goal from Ramires and of course that last minute goal from Fernando Torres and the subsequent orgasmic reaction from Gary Neville that probably was more emphatic than Fernando Torres’ reaction and the reaction of all of the Chelsea players put together and multiplied by a billion. In fairness to G Nev he’s a pretty decent pundit that is getting props for his surprisingly good analysis, but I can foresee him becoming more known for his orgasmic celebrations than his punditry now he’s moved onto colour commentary.

Check it out below. Because this is a rip someone recorded off their TV you also get the fat knacker in his living room saying ‘spaffed’ after Gary Neville’s exclamation which only serves to make it even better. Watch it. Then maybe watch it again because it’s that funny.


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