VIDEO: James Stewart Makes Incredible Motocross Comeback From 14th To 1st

James Stewart Motocross

I’m not into motocross at all but that doesn’t change this footage of James Stewart’s epic comeback from getting me completely pumped up.

I’ve never been interested in motocross at all – I think the extent of my interactions with the sport concerns playing Excitebike 64 in my buddy’s basement all of one summer – but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how completely sick this race from James Stewart is.

It took place in the Toronto Supercross and Jimmy is trailing at the back of the race in 14th and there isn’t long to go, yet somehow he manages to get past everyone and win the race. Mindblowing. Following the race Jimmy himself said that it was his best race ever and he was completely speechless following its result. When you see the footage below from his helmet camera, you’ll be sure to agree with him.

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