James McAvoy Improvised The Whole Movie For His Chilling New Film ‘My Son’


I’m not exactly sure how you can push the boundaries of filmmaking at this point, but James McAvoy looks as though he’s more than willing to give it a try with his new movie ‘My Son’, as he incredibly improvised the whole movie and was only given some vague plot points as a script.

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The film revolves around the kidnapping of McAvoy’s seven year old son and his attempts to find out the truth about what happened to him, coupled with his own nagging self doubt about whether he ultimately failed him and whether or not he’s responsible for his current situation. The trailer make it look suitably eerie, chilling and depressing all at once:

Does look pretty dramatic doesn’t it? And to be fair to McAvoy it looks like he’s absolutely killing it from the clips that have been shown in that trailer, although it’s obviously very easy for them to pick the best parts to make it look like that.

However, anyone that’s seen ‘Split’ will know that McAvoy is a fantastic actor, so I’ve every confidence that he’ll do this concept proud and the movie should hopefully be great. Surprisingly considering that the movie seems to be set in Scotland, there’s no UK release date but with the amount of hype it already seems to be picking up I expect that to change pretty soon.

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