James Bulger’s Killer Jon Venables Could Be Free With A New Identity Within Weeks

Not cool.

The murder of James Bulger is one of the most horrific crimes that this nation has ever born witness to and a lot of people think that it’s absolutely crazy that his killer Jon Venables continues to be given chance after chance by the government, only to reoffend over and over again.

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Venables is currently serving a 40 month sentence for the possession of child pornography on his computer, but it’s been revealed today by James Bugler’s father Ralph that he’s almost served half of that stretch and will shortly be up for parole. If that happens, then he’ll be implanted in a whole new location with a whole new identity again and Ralph is understandably worried that this will give him the chance to reoffend:

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Venables is up for parole any time now, and if it is granted he will be released into the community under a fake name and secret new identity.

He is a dangerous, predatory child abuser and killer, and I am terrified he will strike again and harm another child like my James.

He wasn’t, and he went on to commit more crimes. He has proven he will never be rehabilitated and will always remain a danger to children.

I don’t believe he will stop until he has killed again. The parole board have the power to prevent him having the chance to harm young children again.

I mean I suppose there is every chance this might happen, but I’m not sure how Bulger can be so  certain that it’s going to happen given that Venables hasn’t really exhibited any violent tendencies since his release. Watching and possessing child pornography is a major red flag though and I can’t really believe a parole board would be so lenient as to let him out again straight away unless he was going to be supervised in a much better way than he was before?

Seems crazy to me – hopefully they’ll come to their senses when the hearing happens, but given how the whole thing has panned out that seems unlikely. Stay tuned.

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