James Bulger Killer Jon Venables Back In Jail After Child Abuse Photographs Found On Computer

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables Release From Prison

The James Bulger killing is one of the most sickening events in my lifetime and it seems absolutely crazy that both of his killers were given new identities and released back in 2001.

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Whilst Robert Thompson seems to have not reoffended since his release though, the same cannot be said for Jon Venables. Being described as ‘the more deranged of the two’, Venables was arrested for affray and possession of cocaine in 2008 and was jailed for two years for possession of child abuse images back in 2010.

It’s rumoured that he was given a new identity again after he was released in 2012, but unfortunately a new identity doesn’t mean that his old habits have disappeared, as he has again been found with images of child abuse on his computer and sent back to a maximum security prison. The police found the images on his computer during a routine visit to his house when they were checking up on him. You’ve really gotta be more careful than that pal if you wanna do that stuff – not that you should be doing it in the first place of course.

Naturally, James Bulger’s mother was furious with the news, saying the following:

Can’t say we blame her really. It must be utterly galling to know that the person that killed your child is being so many second chances and constantly blowing them.

Of course there is an argument for rehabilitation, but how many times is too many? It seems like Venables has blown them all, so hopefully he’ll be spending the rest of his life behind bars after this latest offence and he won’t get the chance to cause any more pain in the future.

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