Jake Paul’s Dad Is Going To Box British TikTok Star Simple Simon



I didn’t realise that Jake Paul and Logan Paul’s dad Greg was a celebrity in his own right too, but apparently he is and he wants to get in on the celebrity boxing match hype train as well.

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The whole situation started when British TikToker Simple Simon was talking to The Daily Mirror about his plans for the future, when he decided to mention Greg Paul for some reason:

I wouldn’t mind another fight, and if it goes well, I’d like to fight Greg Paul,

I’m not calling him out but someone like Greg Paul would be brilliant.

I think we’re the same age, he’s into fitness as well.

Both of his son’s box, he’s got a big following in the US and I’ve got a big following in the UK.

I just think it would be ideal and go down quite well.

That just sounds like a guy articulating an idea really doesn’t it? Nothing to get angry or inflammatory about right?

Wrong. Greg Paul recorded a comeback and went absolutely in on Simple Simon, basically calling him a knob and saying he was going to knock him out:


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There’s some dumb**s from the UK calling me out for a fight called Simple Simon..

He just had a boxing match with someone else, and he got his a*s kicked.

Listen, Simple Simon, I understand why you got the simple part in there.

I’ll fight you, but you see I haven’t been working out or anything, and I think my arm is bigger than your calf.

I’ll fight you bare-knuckle or MMA, send me the contract so you can quit your f*****g lying.

Your daughter cannot be in the arena because I don’t want her to see you get the f**k beat out of you, you scrawny little b***h.

Send me the contract and drink Prime.

Damn. I don’t think there was really any need for all that, but I suppose the phrase like father like son is apt here because both of the Paul brothers are mouthy little assholes as well. Looks like it’s on!

I’m not gonna pretend like I know who this Simple Simon character is either, but Greg Paul probably will batter him because he got knocked out in 44 seconds in his previous boxing match a couple of months ago. Guy should probably stay out of the ring to be honest.

For more of the same, check out when Floyd Mayweather tried to punch Jake Paul. Really hilarious moment right there.



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