Jake Paul Knocked Out An NBA Mascot After Being Called Out Courtside


Another day, another time Jake Paul has done something stupid that we need to discuss.

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Paul was in Texas over the weekend to watch his brother Logan take part in WrestleMania and decided to attend the Houston Rockets basketball match against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday where of course he was handed a courtside seat. The Houston Rockets mascot is called Clutch The Rocket Bear and he dressed up in a boxing robe and gloves during a break in the game. and started goading Jake Paul.

Big mistake. After a couple of playful shots from Clutch, Jake Paul stood up and laid him out with a right hand in the middle of the court:


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Boom – that’s all she wrote!

In all seriousness that does look like one hell of a good punch from Paul, the mascot looks like he’s been laid out and Paul looks pretty annoyed that he was being goaded, but I’m not sure if this is 100% real because it’s Jake Paul we’re talking about and he’s always doing fake stuff. There’s also the fact that there’s loads of people filming it and there’s no security, but there was also no security at the Oscars last week and everyone’s saying that’s real so maybe this is as well?

You never know. Feel like it’s probably just a work though that Paul took a bit too seriously. Probably wants to be in the WWE like his brother.

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