Jake Paul Issues Challenge To Big John Fury After Tommy Pulls Out Of Dec 18 Fight

Make it happen.

Well, after all that build-up, Tommy Fury has pulled out of his fight with Jake Paul on December 18 due to a broken rib and bacterial chest infection, although until we see a doctor’s note, maybe the real reason is that he found out he had to take dive.

In any case, Jake Paul will now rematch Tyron Woodley on the night, although he also issued challenges to John Fury and Tyson Fury when interviewed on TalkSport earlier…

I would say, start looking for a new job. You are a cringe old man, he’s an old, miserable man who never accomplished anything in his life.

He has a mediocre boxing record and the best thing he ever did was have sex with Tyson’s mum to spawn Tyson. That’s his only accomplishment – having a giant kid who became heavyweight champion of the world.

Brutal stuff. He continued…

I would fight John Fury, for sure! I think it would be hilarious. I was hoping he would have punched the TV.

If he would have done it, man that would have been the most legendary press conference moments ever. He’s kind of a p***y for not.

I would fight him. I would fight the whole family. If Tyson moved down to cruiserweight I would fight Tyson no problem.

Well I think Tyson would need to lose around 30kg for that one to happen, at which point Jake Paul would poop his pants and change his mind because he knows that any seasoned pro would wash him no problem. One thing he’s right about though – it would have been hilarious to see John Fury punch the TV during that insane press conference the other week. Fury told Paul that his son Tommy would ‘do your girlfriend like a dog’ and suggested the Fury boys would run a train on her.

Big John also said the following about Paul to TalkSport:

He’s just a spoilt kid, isn’t he? You can go on too much and be a pest, can’t you? He’s said some wicked stuff.

I tell you what I have found out about him, he can’t take it back. Once he gets it he’s like a child. Well he is a child, he’s 24 years old so you expect it from kids.

I’m an old man, I can’t get involved with youngsters like that. This is this new world we live in, a young man’s world, so what we do about it I don’t know.

Fury says he’s working to reschedule the Tommy/Jake fight for ‘early spring 2022’, but at this point I think we all know what the real grudge match is; Big John Fury Vs Jake Paul. Can you imagine how mental the press conferences would be? Make it happen, Frank!

For John Fury’s epic ‘apology’ on the comments he made about Jake Paul’s girlfriend, click HERE.


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