Jake Paul Is Being Sued By A Man Who Claims He Was Severely Beaten At Post Fight Afterparty

Uh oh.

Jake Paul is pretty much everywhere now as he attempts to secure a super fight with Conor McGregor by being as annoying as possible, but that also means that people are going to be coming out of the woodwork and targeting him for all that he’s worth.

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This can be seen by the story of this guy who just filed a lawsuit against him, claiming he was severely beaten by Paul’s crew at the Nate Robinson afterparty. Gabriel Dos Santos is saying that Paul’s crew beat the crap out of him whilst they were clearing out the after party, alleging that they repeatedly kicked and punched him in the arms and legs, leaving him with a fractured cheek, dislocated shoulder, cuts to his face and bruises to his forehead and eyes.

Dos Santos even has some footage of the immediate aftermath of the attack and it looks pretty bad to be honest:

Yeah I kinda believe this to be honest. If it was a set up I don’t think that the guy filming would be saying it over and over again – that kinda speaks to me as to how somebody would react if that did actually happen. You would just be stunned at what went down and repeating yourself again and again.

The guy obviously got majorly battered – that’s plain to see – so I guess now all he has to do is prove that it was Jake Paul’s crew who were behind it. The lawsuit stresses that Paul himself wasn’t actually involved with the beating, but I suppose if you’re in this situation you might as well label the guy as it means you’re more likely to come away with a bunch of his money.

The legal angle on targeting Paul is that he allegedly hired and supervised the guys that beat up Dos Santos. I’m guessing this is referring to his bouncers at the event rather than a bunch of people that Paul is paying to be his friends and come party with him, although that wouldn’t surprise me because the guy seems like a major dickhead that might actually need to do this. Good luck to Dos Santos in the case because I seriously can’t stand the prick.

For more of the same, here’s Jake Paul attacking Conor’s training partner Dillon Danis with water balloons. What a douchebag.


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