Jagermeister Are Selling A Limited Edition Creamy Alcoholic Easter Egg

Happy Easter

Novelty Easter eggs are becoming more and more of a common occurrence these days and the latest brand to throw their cap in the draw are Jagermeister, who are offering up a limited edition creamy alcoholic egg.

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The story behind this actually harkens back to three years ago, when Jagermeister actually teased manufacturing the eggs for Easter. It was all a promotional tool, but the fans were so enamoured about it that Jager thought that they had better actually give it a go.

For some reason, this took three years to sort out and that’s where we are now: the Jager Egg. It weighs 38g – 2 grams less than a Creme Egg – and contains some 3% Jager alcoholic flavouring. Check it out:

Looks kinda cool huh? The bad news is though that only 250 of them are on sale and that you have to buy them as a special Easter Egg pack that costs £9.99, although you do also get two shot glasses and a 10cl bottle of Jager. I suppose that’s almost worth it if you’re really into Jager or wanna give your energy drink loving early 20s son an Easter present, but other than that I doubt there’s gonna be too much of an audience. Good luck if you’re really desperate to get one.

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