Watch This Girl Down The Ultimate Jagerbomb

Downing Jager

She shotguns a bottle of Jager then a can of Red Bull.

I’ve never really understood the attraction of downing alcoholic drinks as quickly as possible – not only does it kind of hurt but it also gets you way too wasted way too quickly and also means you probably spend too much money as well. Waste of time.

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However, despite these somewhat sensible views on the activity, there’s no real way that you can deny that watching someone down a whole bottle of anything without flinching or wretching is ridiculously impressive and this is the case yet again in the video below. In it, some girl is preparing herself for what she calls ‘The Ultimate Jagerbomb’, downing a bottle of Jager and then shotgunning a can of Red Bull.

Ridiculous effort:

Baller and to finish it all off with a dab is just too street, isn’t it? It’s just a shame that in about an hour she probably won’t be able perform a similar movement without losing her balance and falling over. Still, pretty impressive feat as I definitely wouldn’t be able to do that. Not sure I would want to in the first place, but hey.

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