Jackie Chan Has Finally Won An Oscar Award


After starring in over 200 movies, he definitely deserves it.

When you think of martial arts movies, then probably the first name that’s going to come across your lips is that of Jackie Chan, mainly because he’s been in over 200 of the movies kicking ass and performing his own stunts.

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Despite the fact that Jackie has had such a prolific career – even directing some of his own movies – it seemed unlikely that he would ever win an Oscar as comedy kung fu movies are simply just not considered when it comes to that. However, due to his unwavering commitment to the film industry, Chan has finally been recognised with an honorary Oscar, which was presented to him at the Governor’s Ball over the weekend. Here’s his acceptance speech: 

Typical Jackie Chan with that ending there huh? He really is a comedian, even in real life.

In all seriousness though, he acted about as humbly and respectfully as you would expect during that acceptance speech and it’s for those reasons that he’s one of the most well loved actors of the last 50 years. Stoked for the dude that he’s finally got some kind of Academy Award, even if I’m pretty lost as to just what exactly it symbolises.

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