Another Clip Of Jack Jones Getting His Comeuppance Has Surfaced

Jack Jones BAttered

The Jack Jones hate train shows no sign of being derailed.

Last week everyone had a real laugh when somebody threw a pizza in Jack Jones’ face and he had a fat strop about it and ended up calling the police, and who could blame them? That guy has been annoying people in really unfunny ways with that stupid fake laugh of his for way too long.

It seems like the hate train for him has no signs of slowing down though, as this video has also just emerged of another internet prankster named Queenzflip pranking Jones recently. It looks like he basically tricked Jack into meeting up with him to drive around in his car, and then went absolutely mental at him, punching him and ripping his t-shirt while he rapped along to one of his favourite songs. Jack then leaves the car crying like a little baby, probably to call the police again.

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Hmmm. That does seem like it could be fake but I dunno, Jack Jones is a real pussy so it might not be. It just seems a little too stupid but if it is real, it is kinda out of order to get someone into your car just to attack them, even if it is Jack Jones. Not too sure if I back it but maybe Jones will stop being such a prick now he realises that everyone wants to batter him because his prank videos are unfunny and boring.

If you want to know how to do an internet prank that’s actually good, then check this one out where Roman Atwood pretends to kill his kid in front of his girlfriend. No wait actually, that’s almost as outrageous as one of Jack Jones’.


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