Is A Prank Where You Pretend To Kill Your Kid In Front Of Your Wife Going Too Far?

Roman Atwood Kill Your Kid Prank

Judging by his wife’s reaction, it’s too far.

Prank videos are the bread and butter of the internet really, so it’s no surprise that people are going to more and more extreme lengths in order to get that reaction that will make it go viral and thus ensure internet notoriety and hopefully an income stream too.

However, I think that a prank where you pretend to your wife that you’ve accidentally killed your child is probably taking it a bit too far because that’s probably the most horrific event that could ever happen to someone in their lives. Judging by the reaction of Roman Atwood’s wife and the fact that she’s making him sleep on the couch afterwards, it’s probably fair enough to say that most people alive feel that way too.

It must be really hard being his wife.


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