Ivanka Trump Accidentally Shared Her Sex Playlist On Spotify

Ivanka Trump

Everyone has a sex playlist on Spotify, you know just so you can get in the mood quickly and efficiently, but you probably don’t wanna make that stuff public unless you want everyone you know to rinse the fact that you like to bump uglies to something embarrassing like Evanescence. Even worse if it has a really obvious title like ‘Sex Playlist 2017’.

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Ivanka Trump might not be so lucky though as people are speculating that the recent playlist that she shared – deviously entitled 991122 so we have literally no idea what it could mean – is the one that she likes to whack on when she’s whacking Jared Kushner off. This isn’t really based on anything other than it features a few mid paced slow sexy time jams that most people think are awful – particularly that gross James Blunt song – but I suppose that is a distinct possibility when you consider who were dealing with.

Anyway check it out below:

Yeah I don’t think I’m gonna be putting that on next time I have sex with my girlfriend. I’m probably not even going to put it on at all.

Even if it isn’t her sex playlist though, you’ve kinda gotta wonder why Ivanka would share it in the first place? Or why she even made it? Her getting ready to go out playlist? Her crying all her tears out in her bedroom so she can be a cold ass bitch to the public playlist? The possibilities are endless.

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