ITV Is Replacing Saturday Night Takeaway With Fast And Furious Five

Saturday Night Takeaway Fast And Furious

Bad taste.

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of days, then you probably heard that Ant McPartlin was caught drink driving after an accident and has subsequently entered rehab, meaning that this week’s edition of ITV’s Saturday Night Takeaway will unfortunately be cancelled.

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Of course, everyone that religiously tunes in (don’t pretend you don’t) was curious to discover what ITV would be replacing one of their highest rated programmes with and we finally received the knowledge today. Instead of or regularly scheduled television, we’ll be treated to an episode of Take Me Out, followed by Through The Keyhole, with Fast and Furious Five closing things up at 10:15pm.

Needless, to say the fact the irony of the fact that ITV was replacing the show with a film that featured numerous high octane, death defying motor car stunts that left a whole load of people dead and a whole lot of cars smashed up just after Ant was involved in a drink driving episode of his own that could have ended up with the same results wasn’t lost on a lot of people:

Yeah, I’m not really sure if it’s the best or most sensitive move by them either, unless they’re trying to send some kind of message to Ant but I don’t think they really need to do that via the medium of television schedules as I’m sure pretty much everyone in the country is annoyed and disappointed in him now. Especially all the huge Saturday Night Takeaway fans that are missing their favourite show this week. No need to rub it in with a terribly unsubtle dig at the guy.

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