Italian Doctors Are Becoming Increasingly Concerned That They’ve Massively Underestimated Coronavirus

Oh shit.

The naive of you out there might think that the Coronavirus pandemic is over now that we’re slowly easing out of lockdown and I hope that you’re right, but most of the science indicates that we’re going to be heading for a second wave of it in the winter and that this could be even more devastating than the first.

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To make matters even worse, Italian doctors are becoming increasingly concerned that the whole medical community has massively underestimated the effects of the virus and it could be even worse than we ever imagined. You can watch the video below from Stuart Ramsay and Sky News and see what these guys are saying about it, or read a summary from Dr Roberto Cosentini below that:

At first, initially, we thought it was a bad flu, then we thought it was a bad flu with a very bad pneumonia, it was the phase when you came here, but subsequently we discovered that it is a systemic illness with vessel damage in the whole body with renal involvement, cerebral involvement

So we are seeing other acute manifestations of renal failure that require dialysis; or stroke, and then acute myocardial infarction, so a lot of complications or other manifestations of the virus.

And also now we see a significant proportion of the population with chronic damage from the virus.

I mean that doesn’t sound good does it? There’s obviously a chance that they might be wrong about this and we might not need to worry about it, but the fact is that there’s still a hell of a lot that we don’t know about COVID-19, so we should probably just prepare for the worst. Wash your hands and wear a mask yeah – the worst could be yet to come.

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