Alabama College Students Are Throwing COVID-19 Parties And Betting On Who Catches It First

Darwin Awards.

There’s always been a tangent through the human race about actively trying to kill yourself in stupid games – think Russian Roulette or those sex parties where one person would have HIV – and the latest one is coming to us from Alabama, where people are throwing parties and actively betting on whether they will contract COVID-19.

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The news was confirmed during a Tuscaloosa city council meeting on Tuesday, where fire chief Randy Smith admitted that students in the area were knowingly going to parties even though they knew they were infected with the virus:

Following on from this, City Councilor Sonya McKinstry revealed that students were also attending COVID parties, where they would all bet on who was the first to contract the virus:

They put money in a pot and they try to get COVID.

Whoever gets COVID first gets the pot.

It makes no sense.

They’re intentionally doing it.

I mean this is an analogy that loads of people are making during all this about how stupid people in movies are during global pandemics and horror movies and what have you and guess what? It’s accurate and people are actually this stupid.

Not really sure what the advantage of contracting Coronavirus is – except maybe winning a pot of money – but I guess boredom really has reached new highs down in Alabama. Crazy that this is what it’s come to, but I suppose nothing should surprise me in 2020 these days.

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