IT: Chapter 2 Has Shared The First Official Picture Of The Adult Cast

The Losers Club

All grown up.

Stephen King’s It was undoubtedly one of the biggest movies of last year and it’s somewhat surprising success meant that the second part of the franchise had to be greenlit for production ASAP and it looks as if it’s just started this past week.

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Although the movie won’t be with us until September 2019, it’s still exciting to see who will be playing the grown up Losers Club in a year’s time. We already knew that James McAvoy would be playing an adult Bill Denbrough, Jessica Chastain is going to be there as Beverly, James Ransone is appearing as Eddie, Bill Hader would take on the role of Richie, Isaiah Mustafa would be playing  Mike, Jay Ryan was tapped up as Ben and Andy Bean would be Stanley, with  Bill Skarsgård returning as Pennywise, but it’s something else to actually see the first shot of them all hanging out:

OK, so it’s not exactly a promo shot of them all in character but it’s still giving you somewhat of an idea of what they’re gonna look like as the adult Loser’s Club and maybe how they’re going to be interacting in the movie. I mean it’s better than nothing basically considering we’re gonna have about a year of these drip drab releases and tidbits of information. And to be honest we’re looking forward to it anyway.

For more of the same, check out this deleted scene from the first part that makes it even more gruesome. Gross.


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