Insane Footage Of Israeli Man Driving Into Arab Rioters After They Throw Rocks At His Car

This is unreal.

It’s kicking off big time between Israel & Palestine this week, with brutal clashes between civilians in the streets ongoing as each side’s military forces bomb each other into oblivion.

The Times of Israel shared this footage of what they described as ‘Palestinian rioters attacking a Jewish man’s car outside the Old City of Jerusalem’, which resulted in the man using his car to obliterate one of the rioters. Unfortunately for him his car then became stuck and he received a brief pummeling before an armed Israeli policeman showed up to protect him:

(Footage shows two separate angles of the carnage)

I’m not gonna pretend to be an expert on the Israel/Palestine situation, but from what I’ve seen this most recent escalation was instigated by Israelis raiding a mosque during Ramadan as they also continue to force Palestinians out of their homes. There are others however who say Hamas instigated the trouble. What does Boris Johnson think?

Ah yes, the “both sides” approach. Always a safe bet. Which is why I’m going with it too because like I said, I don’t know nearly enough about the situation to comment. The least we can do though is keep sharing any crazy footage that pops up, provided there isn’t some kind of short-term resolution reached. Looks doubtful at this point.

For horrific, NSFL footage of two Palestinian boys attacking Israeli police with large knives and being shot dead, click HERE.


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