Two Palestinian Boys With Large Knives Attack Israeli Police, Police Shoot Back (NSFL)

Graphic footage.

As shared by the Australian Jewish Association on Twitter, this brutal footage shows two Arab Palestinian boys with huge knives springing a surprise attack on Israeli police, who respond by firing their guns at them. 

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WARNING – do not watch if this sort of footage upsets or offends you.

Welp, that was a predictable ending if I ever saw one. These boys literally brought a knife to a gun fight and as we just saw that never turns out well for the former. 

According to Aljazeera, one of the boys was killed and the other is seriously wounded after the Israeli police fired back. One officer was ‘moderately wounded’. Sucks that a person so young had to lose his life but at the end of the day what were the police supposed to do?

The incident took place days after Israeli police clashed with Muslim worshippers, when Jewish and Muslim holidays overlapped. 

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a massively controversial and never-ending one which will sadly see more bloodshed like in this video. If you’d like our rundown on what the conflict is all about, click HERE.


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