Plus-Sized Model Receives Terrifying Death Threat From Killer Clown (VIDEO)

Imagine getting this video in your inbox.

British plus-sized model Iskra Lawrence usually relies on her dad to filter the messages she receives online so that she doesn’t have to get wind of all the trolls calling her a fat cow and whatnot.

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Well for some reason her dad saw fit to show her this one message from a killer clown that left her “shocked and scared to think these people know where I live or could follow me home one day.”

Iskra says:

I receive abuse daily – but only from men or private faceless profiles. Usually calling me fat or a cow or worse I receive sexist comments that I should shut up (because I tend to write captions to spread a positive idea or educational body image practices) or turn around. Those are vile. I post because I’m grateful to have a platform for positive change.

Here’s the video of the clown threatening to kill her alongside her reaction:

I kinda understand why her dad showed her that. I mean maybe he didn’t have to literally show her but as someone with millions of followers on Instagram, she should be made aware that there are strange men in clown make-up out there who want to kill her. That way she knows not to trust any clowns and avoid them at all costs.

P.S. How is this girl even considered plus-sized? Starting to think it just means “has a fat ass”:

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