Student Who Travelled To Iraq To Join ISIS Quit After They Made Him Clean The Toilets

Some people just ain’t cut out for the terrorism life.

Some people just aren’t cut out for the terrorism life. 23-year-old engineering student Areeb Majeed travelled from India to Iraq to join ISIS but was soon on the plane back home after they put him on toilet duty. He was arrested anyway on his return to Mumbai and charged with terror-related offences.

He told India’s National Investigation Agency officers that he was disillusioned with the whole ISIS operation after he was made to fetch water and clean toilets instead of blowing shit up.

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So let this be a heads up to anyone planning on joining ISIS. You don’t just get to show up and blow things up and behead journalists on your first day. You’ve got to work your way up to the top just like everyone else. That means fetching the water, cleaning the toilets, shaking the right people’s hands, etc. Don’t just turn up there like this moron expecting all the fun stuff on your first day.

Worst terrorist of all time. Back to school for you Areeb (or prison, more likely).


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