ISIS Militant Accidentally Geotags His Tweets To The World; Gets Busted

It’s reassuring to know that some of their militants can be this dumb.

If you’re quaking in your boots following recent ISIS videos like this one of them training, then perhaps you can rest a little easier after reading this and realising that a bunch of their militants are actually really stupid.

A Kiwi Jihadist – with the Twitter handle of M_Taylor_Kiwi – named Mark Taylor/Abu Abdul-Rahman who ran off from New Zealand to join ISIS in 2012 was regularly tweeting crap about how he only practiced Sharia law now and stuff like that, only to neglect to turn off the geo tagging on his tweets. Normally if you do that you probably notice after a couple of them right? Especially if you’re part of an underground militia movement whose location you probably don’t want to divulge, right? Not so apparently.

Kiwi Jihadi

Rahman didn’t realise until after he had posted roughly 40 tweets with his location in them. He tried to erase his mistake by deleting them, but unfortunately it was way too late and he was tracked down to a house in al-Taqbah, Syria. There’s no news on what’s happened to him since then but judging by the fact his account has been suspended and he doesn’t seem to be on the internet anymore, it’s safe to say that he’s either been arrested or ISIS have either banned his internet privileges or killed him for messing up so bad – whichever is easiest probably.

As an aside of how dumb this guy is – as if running away from a sick place like New Zealand to be a jihadist for ISIS hadn’t already convinced you of how dumb he was – he’s reapplied for his New Zealand passport multiple times for some reason. This was after he posted a picture of himself burning his old one on Twitter. Yeah, good luck getting that one back mate. That is if you ever get your internet privileges back.


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