The Only Known Survivor Of An ISIS Massacre Shares His Harrowing Story

ISIS Massacre Survivor

Ali Hussein Kadhim has to be one of the luckiest men alive.

This must be one of the most harrowing and lucky escapes in history.

An Iraqi soldier named Ali Hussein Kadhim had only been in the Iraqi army for ten days when the town of Mosul near to where he was stationed was captured and Ali and the rest of the soldiers stationed there decided to make a break for it by wearing civilian clothes. Unfortunately they were picked up by an ISIS kill squad, and it was only through luck and sheer determination that Ali was able to survive.

Let’s hope that Task Force Black gets its shit together and shuts these fuckers down so we don’t have to hear any more heart wrenching stories like this one anytime soon. I’ve got a feeling it might take a while though.


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