ISIS Have Forced Sir Michael Caine To Change His Name

Michael Caine

Goddamn ISIS.

Things might not be going so well for ISIS these days, but they can claim one recent small victory as they’ve legitimately forced world famous actor Michael Caine to change his name.

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What? We’ll let Michael explain:

I changed my name when all the stuff started with ISIS and all that.

The additional security measures implemented at airports has meant that travelling between countries has become a bit more difficult than it used to be.

My real name is Maurice Joseph Micklewhite and that’s the name on my passport and it would confuse customs officers when I handed it over to them.

They would say, “Hi Michael Caine,” and suddenly I’d be giving him a passport with a different name on it.

I could stand there for an hour. So I finally changed my name to Michael Caine legally.

Michael Caine

What a story. I can appreciate how that would probably be pretty annoying for him as it’s pretty annoying for me just going through security, let alone if I’m confusing anyone by handing them a passport with a different name to the one that everyone in the world knows me by. But I’m not really sure if we can give ISIS the credit for it?

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Maybe just terrorism in general, despite Caine name dropping them here. Either way it’s because of that he finally had to legally change his name and that is notable so you’ve gotta hand it to the terrorists – if their goal was to get Michael Caine to legally change his name then they’ve succeeded and all those suicide bombs were worth it.

Of course, the best part of this story is that Michael Caine’s real name is Maurice Joseph Micklewhite. What the hell were his parents thinking? Here’s some other absolutely ridiculous baby names.


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