ISIS Fighters Are So Fucking Dumb, They’re Reading ‘Islam For Dummies’ To Prepare For Jihad

Rubber dinghy rapids bro.

Turns out a large percentage of ISIS fighters are so ignorant about the culture they’re pledging their lives to that they’re ordering copies of ‘Islam for Dummies’ in order to ready themselves for a life with the terrorist organisation.

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About 70% of ISIS recruits only have a “basic” knowledge of Shariah law, the Islamic legal system, according to an analysis by The Associated Press of more than 3,000 internal documents seized from the terror network.


Some jihadis-in-training admitted in court that they wanted to improve their knowledge of Islam before travelling to Syria, and so ordered the books from Amazon.

Convicted terrorists Mohammed Ahmed and Yusuf Sarwar, 22-year-old recruits from Britain, ordered ‘The Koran for Dummies’ and ‘Islam for Dummies’ before their trip.

They were arrested and convicted of terror-related charges when trying to re-enter the UK in 2014.



If there’s anything worse than a terrorist fighting for what his warped mind believes in, it’s a terrorist that’s fighting with no purpose at all. I mean it’s bad enough wanting to murder people and ruin lives because you manipulate the teachings of Islam to justify your cause, but if you’re willing to do the same thing for a religion you need a ‘For Dummies’ book to learn about, you are the WORST type of terrorist. A hipster terrorist, which is basically the two worst things you can be wrapped into one.

I didn’t think ISIS fighters could get more hateable, but here we are.

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