ISIS Fighter Jihadi Jack Has Been Stripped Of His UK Citizenship


The debate over what to do with radicalised ISIS fighters when they attempt to return to the UK has been thrust into the limelight following the case of the ISIS bride Shamima Begum earlier this year, but it doesn’t seem like anyone can really agree on what the best way to look at this problem is.

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One option of course is to revoke their citizenship as a punishment for their terrorist attacks against this country and its way of life and this is believed to be the action that Theresa May’s government has taken against the ISIS fighter known as Jihadi Jack. Jack was radicalised when he was 18 years old and left his family home in Oxfordshire to go and fight in Syria for ISIS in 2014, but has been residing in a jail in Northern Syria since 2017.

It’s possible for the government to strip him of his citizenship because Jack – real name Jack Letts – has dual citizenship with Canada, although this is likely to cause some sort of issue with the Canadian government. Jack has previously said that he would like to return to the UK but doesn’t feel like it will be possible because of his actions and if this is true it would appear to be the final word on the matter.

Looks like the government is coming down hard on radicalised ISIS fighters and I imagine Boris Johnson will be even harder on them. Probably not a good idea to do it if you were thinking about it.

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