Eastenders Fans Baffled As Teacher Isaac Takes Penis Out In Broad Daylight Near Kids (VIDEO)

WTF was this about?

Eastenders viewers were left a little bit confused last night after teacher Isaac went on a solo daytime piss-up, and ended up whipping his cock out near a group of schoolchildren.

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The bizarre scenes showed Patrick’s son Isaac drinking on a bench in the middle of Albert Square, before taking his penis out in broad daylight. Moments later, a group of kids walked by, prompting a shocked Denise to give him a telling off:

Blimey! Here was the general reaction on Twitter:

So yeah, not quite sure what the writers were going for there but it’s got people talking so I’m sure they’re happy with it.

Isaac first appeared on the show over Christmas after it was revealed Patrick’s wife Sheree had reached out to him. It turned out Isaac is Patrick’s secret son, and his daddy issues just worsened from there. Looks he’s dealing with it by getting drunk on park benches in broad daylight and whipping out his cock near school kids. Probably not the best solution, especially as a school teacher, but we’ll have to see how it goes.

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