Carlos Tevez

Gascoigne, Best, Collymore? Forget them all. Tevez is the king of trouble.

Carlos Tevez

Is Carlos Tevez the most controversial footballer of the modern day era?

Sure we’ve seen the likes of the enigma that is Paul Gascoigne hog the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Before that there was George Best, perhaps one of the greatest ever players, who constantly courted controversy wherever he went. There’s also an endless list of Premiership players who have ended up on the wrong side of the law. Anyone remember some of Stan Collymore’s sordid antics over the years? But forget them all. Tevez is the king of trouble.

The Argentine striker is clearly a talent and has scored 53 goals in 91 appearances for his current employers Manchester City. However, the question is just how long will the sulky striker be at City following his alleged refusal to play against Bayern Munich in a recent Champions League encounter. In a recent development Corinthians have ruled out making a move for the forward following his ‘Munich misunderstanding.’ Tevez was the subject of a £35m bid from the Brazilian club back in July but they ran out of time to seal any deal, and it appears they won’t be offering an escape route out of Roberto Mancini’s outfit anytime soon.

Mancini, clearly gagged by City’s overpowering media staff, has retained a diplomatic stance batting off questions for quizzical journalists. But as the Italian continues to be dogged by the Tevez ‘affair’ it would be interesting to know just exactly what his counterpart across Manchester Sir Alex Ferguson is really thinking. He has already praised Mancini for his strong management in the wake of the storm.

Ferguson said: “I think that Roberto Mancini has come out and shown his strength of character, his strength of management and I think that is important.”

But Fergie, who is rarely wrong when it comes judging the character of a player, is probably laughing on the other side of his face whilst also feeling relieved he no longer has to deal with a troublesome player.

Tevez’ career has been dogged by a long-standing affair with Media Sports Investments, the company which owned the rights of Tévez and several other players and coaches. This eventually resulted in West Ham United being fined £5.5 million over issues regarding third-party ownership. It was back in January 2007 when Tevez made his first start for West Ham and quickly set about impressing several suitors.

Inter Milan were one of the first clubs to make a move for the striker who further shot to when he scored a winner at Old Trafford to save the Hammers from relegation. That prompted a transfer saga and he eventually left to move to Manchester United in a deal worth a reported £20million that included all sorts of clauses and sub clauses. But that was just the start for Tevez who did the unthinkable when he crossed the Manc divide to pledge his allegiance to City. It wouldn’t have been a surprise to hear him, through a translator, say ‘Manchester City is the club I supported as a boy and the only club I have ever wanted to play for.’ Sadly he didn’t say those words as it seems he’s little more than a money grabbing mercenary.


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