VIDEO: Irish Manchester United Fan Reacts To 2-2 Draw With Fulham (NSFW)

Irish Dad Swearing At Manchester United Game

This guy sits on the couch and swears more in this 7 minute clip than everyone in the Wolf Of Wall Street combined.

Some Irish kid with the awesome YouTube useername PaulBizkit decided to set up a hidden camera to record his dad’s reaction to the Manchester United V Fulham match over the weekend, knowing that whatever happened he was likely to see a bunch of unmitigated rage and hatred due to the old man’s regular performances on the couch.

Fortunately for PaulBizkit it went even better than he could have hoped as Manchester United put in one of their worst performances of the season, just about managing to scrape a draw against the bottom team in the league Fulham. As such, his father goes full on crazy for the most of the video, so much so that there’s actually a counter for every time he uses the words ‘fuck’, ‘bollocks’, ‘bastard’ and ‘Jesus related words’. It’s kind of like watching a more expletive filled version of The Wolf Of Wall Street.

And of course, there’s a full on rage mode at the end when Darren Bent got that last minute equaliser. I imagine this is pretty typical of most Manchester United fans at the moment – sitting on the couch swearing at the television – so enjoy it while it lasts.

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