Irish Gymnast Rhys McClenaghan Debunks ‘Anti-Sex’ Olympic Bed Story And Calls It Fake News

Point well made.

One of the biggest viral stories of the last week has been regarding how the beds in the Olympic Village where the athletes will be staying during the Olympic Games are apparently made of cardboard and collapse at the slightest sudden movement to prevent the sports stars from having sex with each other, but it now turns out that this isn’t true at all.

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The news comes courtesy of Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan, who is already in the Olympic Village over in Tokyo and decided to debunk the theory by making a video of him jumping up and down on the bed to prove that it doesn’t collapse. He really seems to take a lot of glee in doing that and shouting that it’s fake news over and over again in the video and you kinda have to admire his joy for exposing the story:

What a hero. Sounds like he’s well up for doing some shagging whilst he’s at the Olympics too from the way he’s acting, so hopefully this video helps him out with that one as well. I hadn’t heard of the guy before this video but looking at his Twitter bio it sounds like he’s quite a big deal and might have a chance of winning a medal at the Olympics as well, so watch out for him in the actual competitions too.

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