This Creepy Park In Ireland Has Some Of The Most Freaky And Disturbing Statues In The World


Fancy some self reflection?

When you think of freaky and disturbing statues, you probably don’t think of Wicklow in Ireland but it turns out that these are where some of these figurines are located, in The Indian Sculpture Park on Victoria Way.

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The park was established by a guy called Victor Langheld in 1989 after he travelled to India in search of spiritual enlightenment. It’s supposed to induce self reflection as every statue has its own meaning, but I’m thinking it’s more likely to freak you out because most of them are fucking weird.

The most prominent figure in the park is Ganesha with eight statues of the Hindu deity in various poses such as dancing, reading and playing musical instruments. These were each made in Tamil Nadu and took five craftsmen an entire year to make, but it’s not these statues that are creepy, it’s all the weird ones that have been included in the park to try and make you ‘self reflect’ on your own persona.

Get a load of these:

Awakening Or Birth Of Consciousness



This statue illustrates the purity of first experiences by showing the emergence of an infant who is first impacted by reality. It kind of looks like a robot spider trying to kill somebody to me though.

Dark Night Of The Soul


This statue is supposed to symbolise the period of emptiness and despair that must first be traversed before arriving at contentment, but kind of just looks like Dhalsim from Street Fighter about to give birth.

The Split Man




The Split Man illustrates how the inability to dedicate yourself creatively or spiritually to one goal can result in unhappiness and depression. It also looks like someone cutting themselves in half which is just plain weird and is more likely to freak you out then make you look within yourself to find the answers to these questions.

The Ferryman’s End



The Ferryman’s End is meant to represent being stuck in a rut and the depression and sorrow that can result from such a situation. This kind of makes sense, but it also looks like someone drowning in a lake which is pretty damn depressing.

Create Or Die


Yeah, this is supposed to show how only through creating difference and variation can be ‘touched’ and ultimately satisfied, but to me it just looks like a giant middle finger that’s kinda old and weathered.

There are also a whole bunch of statues that just look plain strange but also pretty cool in there too, if tits and snakes are your thing.






Fancy some self reflection then?

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