Iraqi Father Kills Seven ISIS Terrorists In Revenge Attack After Son Is Executed

This guy went full on Rambo mode.

Following the earlier post about the Tweet sent out by Kenji Goto 4 year before ISIS beheaded him, a story about someone going full on berserker mode and killing a bunch of ISIS militants is just what we need.

Basil Ramadan, said to be in his 60s, used an AK-47 to kill seven of the scum bags at a checkpoint in Tikrit, a city northwest of Baghdad currently under ISIS control, before being shot dead himself.


Mr. Ramada’s 18-year-old son, Ahmed Basil, was one of 8 men executed by ISIS in January after he was accused of infiltrating them and acting as a spy for Iraqi government. They then released photos from a video of the execution, which enraged his father so much that he decided to carry out what was essentially a suicide mission just to take some of those bastards out.

Respect to the guy.


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