The Iranian President Has Declared That ISIS Has Been Destroyed

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks as he meets with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and other officials following an earthquake that hit Kermansheh province, in Tehran

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It’s been well known that ISIS seems to have been on its last legs for a while after several of their strongholds were taken down over in Syria, but today it seems like the world might finally be rid of them after this announcement from the Iranian President.

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Hassan Rouhani was speaking on an address broadcast on national TV today, in a clip that you can see below courtesy of the Metro:

Yeah, I’ve got no idea if those subtitles are true either but it seems to be being reported all over the place so I’m gonna choose to believe it.

The declaration is also being sent out from Major General Qassem Soleimani, one of the senior commanders of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards which backs it up. Soleimani sent the message to the country’s supreme leader and was also pictured last week in Albu Kamal in eastern Syria. This was said to the be the last territory retaken from Islamic State control in the region, which is again a positive in believing that this story is actually true.

So therefore I’m gonna believe that it is, but just because the Islamic State seems to have been destroyed for now, I’m fairly certain some splintergroup of  ISIS are still gonna be out there hiding in caves somewhere and planning even more heinous terrorist attacks. Let’s hope they don’t ever get the chance to carry them out though.

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