This New iPhone Case Means Your Phone Will Never Run Out Of Battery

Game-changer? More like life-changer.

The struggles of iPhone users are real. If you’ve owned an iPhone for longer than 20 minutes you know that the battery is pretty much permanently on red. If it’s ever on green then you just spend the whole time shitting yourself about how close is it to red. You watch one YouTube video and pretty much murders half of your battery life (I’m totally exaggerating but you get where I’m going with this).

With all that in mind, if you tell me there’s a new iPhone case out there that guarantees your phone will NEVER run out of battery, I’m all over it.

The AMPware crankcase works with a crank that sits inside the actual case, but when you pull it out it turns a dynamo that charges your phone’s battery.


Here’s a demonstration:

AMPware promises that winding the crank for just 5 minutes will give your iPhone an hour’s worth of battery life. Awesome if true.

You can pick up the 18.5mm case for £56. Way more useful than last year’s iPhone gun case.


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