Hackers Awarded $1 Million For Successfully Hacking The New iPhone

These guys just did us all a big favour.

A crew of ‘security researchers’ who were able to hack Apple’s new iOS 9 have won themselves a bounty of $1 million (£650,000) in the process, as a reward for exposing potentially dangerous security flaws which could have meant bad news for anyone using Apple products.

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The bounty was offered by Washington computer company Zerodium, who took to Twitter to congratulate the hackers:

Zerodium’s CHaouki Bekrar says:

(The winning hack) is still being extensively tested by Zerodium to verify and document each of the underlying vulnerabilities.

Companies like Facebook and Google have similar programs running where they invite hackers to find vulnerabilities in their security and to disclose them so that they might get fixed, so if you’re handy with laptop then you might want to get cracking and win yourself a stupendous amount of money.


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Just don’t try hack us the way this lot did, we won’t have any prizes for you.


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