iPhone 4S debuted yesterday with one of the most revolutionary features ever – a voice activated app called Siri that can do almost anything for you instantly.

As predicted by Sick Chirpse on Monday, the iPhone 5 or 4S did in fact make its debut yesterday, and many of the features that we predicted would be included on it were included too. Just that good hey?

These included a dual core A5 processor (twice as fast as the iPhone 4), an 8 Megapixel camera (as opposed to a 5 Megapixel camera that was found on the iPhone 4) a new Operating System that has over 200 new features and iCloud. Sounds pretty good already huh? Yeah I mean I guess the iPhone 4S sounds pretty good but it just sounds bigger and better than an iPhone 4 which is kind of what you would expect really, right? But that’s because we haven’t mentioned Siri yet.

Siri is undoubtedly the main talking point about iPhone 4S and sounds like something that would have been pretty much unimaginable ten years ago. It’s a voice activated program that you ask you can ask questions which then finds the answers for you pretty much instantly. So for example, ask it to find restaurants in an area and it will do it. Ask it to reschedule a meeting for you and it will do it, and also tell you if this clashes with anything else you have planned. Or you can dictate text messages to it that it will send to your girlfriend or buddy or enemy or whatever.

Pretty sick huh? Or pretty scary? Not sure. I mean the idea of having a phone do loads of stuff for you is kind of cool but I’ve seen some of those movies about technology taking over and it seems like the world is heading towards that. I mean people know what happened with Skynet right? People have played Rise of the Robots right? It’s only a matter of time. Siri probably isn’t good for the recession/job market either as I can see it doing a much better job than many secretaries/P.A’s so despite being useful and awesome it could have some pretty negative connotations on the future of the planet. Having said that it is kind of a shame my phone got stolen off me a month ago and not like today so instead of getting an iPhone 4 I could have just got an iPhone 4S and messed about with Siri a bunch. At least I’m still a certified slut I guess.

As for the other improvements, I mean they are pretty cool, but you just kind of expected them to happen anyway, it’s just the way it goes with new Apple products. It’s all about Siri with this one. As the guy says at the end of this video – ‘it can do things that no other phone has done’  This video explains all the features way better than I probably did and also shows Siri in action which is pretty unbelievable:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFfm2uQbaLM’]

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