Investigation Launched Into Fraternity Initiation That Took A Sinister Turn


Serial killers in the making.

Fraternity initiations in America are known to get pretty extreme, but I don’t think anyone expected the disturbing rituals that were carried out at New York’s Hofstra University.

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Disturbing images that were leaked from the Sigma Pi fraternity showed the bizarre initiation ceremonies including forcing students to vomit on each other and covering their entire bodies, genitals included, in hot sauce. All sounds a bit sadomasochistic.


Published yesterday by the Hofstra Chronicle, the images show students being forced to endure a variety of abuses over the course of Autumn 2014 and Autumn 2015. The photos were found during an investigation that was launched to get to the bottom of what was really going down.

The acts that were discovered included forced favours, a merit and demerit system and anti-Semitic imagery, as you can see in the picture above. In another photo, three pledges can be seen on the floor, covered in flour. Another shows a student locked in a small cage. A former member of the fraternity, John Mehdi, says that often the student chosen to sit in the cage is ultimately forced to stay inside for sustained periods of time. Mehdi added:


We had this thing called ‘Hell Night’.

They’d throw hot sauce all over our body and we’d have to sit there for hours all throughout the night.


Since the investigation, a number of Sigma Pi members have been contacted, but there have been very few responses. I’m sorry, but are we in Nazi Germany or some sort of North Korean torture camp? I thought university was all about getting pissed up and getting laid – not covering each other’s dicks in hot sauce and torturing people for what I assume is some sort of sadistic, sexual fantasy.

They’re doing university all wrong. THIS is how you do it morons.


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